Season 1

s01e07 Banana Bread Bundt

Since the pandemic, more people are baking at home, as you are probably aware when you go to the grocery store trying to find flour, yeast and other baking staples. The search term “recipe” hit an all-time high on Google and Banana Bread tops the list of most searched recipes. I can see why. Banana… Continue reading s01e07 Banana Bread Bundt

s01e05 Easy Crust Quiche

Anyone who knows me, knows my favorite meal is breakfast/brunch! From eggs, hash browns and sausage to French toast, waffles and pancakes, I can never get enough. When I want a quiche in a pinch, I use a 1-ingredient crust and combine it with a basic quiche base. The secret ingredient is panko – Japanese… Continue reading s01e05 Easy Crust Quiche

s01e04 Chocolate Crinkles

One of the easiest ways to make a distinctive cookie is to use a recipe that falls and cracks – like my Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies. This one is even more distinctive because of the contrast between the white powdered sugar exterior and the dark chocolate brown interior. And the soft, fudge like chewiness is… Continue reading s01e04 Chocolate Crinkles

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