s02 e02 Chat with Frank

Doing something a little different with this episode.

I have been heavily involved with University of Southern California alumni organizations over the years. Due to the pandemic, USC Lambda LGBT Alumni Association asked me if I would host a virtual chat about baking with Frank Tegethoff, a member of the King Arthur Baking Co. research & development team. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to pick a brain of expertise and experience.

Frank shares a bit about himself and his work, as well as a ton of baking tips and favorite recipes. The conversation is inspirational for beginning and novice bakers. It also discusses gluten-free baking for those of you who don’t bake because you need (or want) to avoid gluten. He’s picked out some fun and easy recipes from King Arthur to share with us – including some that I am anxious to try myself!

I hope you find this as informative and fun as I did. ✌🏼Fight On!✌🏼️

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